80th Birthday

I got the chance to enjoy a celebration weekend this month with my family for my mum’s 80th Birthday. It was a special weekend down in Oxford, luckily sunshine throughout, so we could enjoy walks in the countryside.

It was lovely to catch up with family after such a long spell and the restrictions of covid. We certainly made up for it with long conversations over wine and cake.

Eye Eye

It’s been a strange few months for me recently, having returned from an amazing scuba diving trip to Saudi, unfortunately, I have lost partial sight in my left eye. It is still being monitored as there are concerns it could deteriorate and spread to the right eye, however the hospital and Doctors are brilliant and things seem to be settling down now. The holiday however was amazing, we saw sharks, dolphins and a full range of beautiful sea life. On the last day, we went to Jeddah and explored the old town which was fascinating.

I’m looking forward to enjoying a relaxing summer spending time painting and working on my pottery. No diving for a bit, but fingers crossed it won’t be for long.

To the Beach

I’m getting a little further with the seascape painting based on Holkham Beach, I’ve added some foreground details with sea grass and board walk. I’m now debating whether to stop here or add more details.

Cromer Streets

I’ve recently taken a trip to Cromer with my artistic sister and mum on a cold but sunny morning for a blast of fresh air. I’ve seen a few streets which I think would form a good basis for a series of paintings of seaside towns. Think this one could be fun, I’m loving the yellow walls.

Holkham Skies

I’ve made a start on my next painting taken from inspiration from the birthday walk the other week at North Norfolk. I’ve started the sky although not sure where to go with the sands and marshes. I did get a little side tracked and crocheted another hat for my Great Niece. Think she will need therapy when older at this rate.

February Treat

Had a lovely walk at Holkham beach yesterday for some fresh air and inspiration. I had the usual fight with the telescope and carrying it, but it was worth it after seeing a woodcock, marsh harrier and 2 red kites.

Holkham Beach panoramic views

Cottage in the Countryside

I’ve finally made the move last year to a long held dream of my own cottage, it’s located on the outskirts of a small village next to a nature reserve. Every morning when I look out of my window, I am lucky enough to have open countryside to look over. The last few mornings have been cold and misty.

Dickleburgh Moor

I love this view, and have painted my own interpretation.


Crochet baby octopus

I’ve recently become a great auntie to Mason, who arrived earlier this month. As it’s a cold January, I thought I’d make him this cute little hat.

Octopus crochet hat

I got the pattern from Knit and Let Dye and adapted it for a baby..Will have to wait and see if Mason is impressed.

First Pottery Class this term

Finally after several long months, my pottery classes at Wensum Lodge, Norwich have restarted. Everything was very well organised for social distancing, cleaning down areas etc. Was fantastic to see our group and catch up on the gossip. We are planning an evening lesson outdoors making a Raki pit which should give some interesting results. I was also able to claim some works from my previous term.

Overstrand cliffs

This painting was created during the Norfolk Paint Out competition week. I found a lovely quiet spot on top of the cliffs looking towards Cromer and showing part of the coastal walk. Certainly a good way to spend an afternoon.