About me


Email: me@sallyusher.com
Twitter: sallyusher1

Having been born in Norfolk, England I spent my childhood living in a very cold Victorian terraced house trying to keep warm. My favourite memories are playing outside with my sister at the seaside exploring the sand dunes, fossil hunting or crab fishing off Cromer Pier.

After school and college, I left home and started working in Estate Agency, quite often on the road viewing houses. It’s a fascinating job, especially driving through the countryside, and you get to visit some amazing property. However, I always had a longing to travel, and had qualified as a scuba dive Instructor in the UK. I knew that if I was ever going to explore the World, I needed to take a chance and go for it. So after working for nearly 20 years in the property business, in January 2005, I finally plucked up courage, took a deep breath and booked a one way ticket to Malaysia.

I spent probably the most exciting year of my life living and working on a tiny island on the east coast of Malaysia teaching scuba diving. I learnt to hate monkeys (they steal your clothes) and to carry a big stick if you go for a walk. After this adventure in Malaysia, I also worked briefly in Greece, then to Sardinia, Italy before returning to Asia, working in Borneo, Indonesia and Thailand.

After Asia, I returned to Europe and lived in Stockholm, still diving albeit far colder than I was used to. At the heart of Stockholm is Gamla Stan, the historical City centre which is an amazing place to walk around and explore soaking up the atmosphere and history of the Streets. I was lucky enough to be within 20 minute walk of the centre which has inspired many paintings, at any time of year either sunny or raining, snowy or night I can find something that I have to paint.

I have now returned to the UK, it does feel a little strange to be back in England, although I am very excited about now having the space for my own studio. I’m looking forward to creating some new works based on Norwich and the Norfolk countryside.

I started as a total beginner a few years ago in acrylics learning what works and what doesn’t. Discovering that perceived “mistakes” when painting can actually create an interesting twist to an everyday subject. My paintings style and what inspires me has grown and changed, and I hope will keep evolving as I find new ways to express myself with paints and other mediums.

What I try to achieve with my paintings is an urge to look twice. I like to add little details that are intended to provoke interest and challenge the viewer. I want someone to look at my paintings and always find something new in there.

Friends have brought my paintings which has boosted my confidence and encouraged me to be more creative. I have been selected by an international jury to exhibit in southern Sweden at Galleri Hultman, with both paintings selling to a local Art Critic. I’ve been selected to join the Norfolk “Paint Out” several times which is a great way to meet fellow artists painting outside.