Color Schemes

Previously, when I lived in the UK, for many years I worked in Estate Agency as a property valuer.  Its still something I find very interesting, and as my job entailed valuing property, I was able to visit 1000’s of properties.  Its always fascinating seeing the different ways people decorate their homes to personalize and make their own.  Even in very similar layouts, the feel can be different based depending on the furnishings, style, and art inside each room.

For me, when I paint, I do like to think of my artwork being displayed on somebodies wall, therefore I am considering what makes them chose a particular painting.  Is it based on content or color, how important is the size and frame.  I favor the box style canvas, as I enjoy painting the edges to give a 3D effect, but would people prefer a pine or ornate framework.

I’m currently working on a piece from a walk in Drottinggatan in the rain, and am considering whether to enhance some of the colors to fit in with the current decoration trends of pale lavender, soft gray, powder pink, sky blue etc.